Most Memorable happenings of 2014

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Just like every other year, there are a number of occasions that have taken place in 2014 and some just deserve more references than many others. From Ebola outbreaks to found planes, events occur across a varied platform in the well-being, travel, entertainment and lifestyle scenes. Based on my compilation, here are few occasions that shook the world and these are events the year 2014 will be recalled for. I’m unsure if I have touched on all them but at least these will be the remembered events. Do feel free to add in the comments below in case you believe there’s any other major occasions who I have left out and ought to be included.


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The very first incident of the Ebola virus was initially reported in West Africa. The Ebola virus rapidly became an epidemic that propagate like termites across Africa. When the World Health Organization asserted the report released indicating five to six thousand fatalities was a gross underestimation. Few cases were reported in such countries as USA, Span and Germany which sparked off huge anxiety of global outbreak. Luckily, the dreaded uncontrollable prevalent of the virus didn’t materialize and 2014 will finish without any more mortalities.

2014′s winter season was also recorded in several US cities as the coldest in history. Many cities including Philadelphia, Chicago and New York recorded in history. I still go on to speculate that these happenings are some of the effects of global warming, though I don’t have any expertise in climate and weather issues. Specialists forecast that such tendency may continue for few years to come, while 2014 is going to be recalled among the chilliest years. I’m uncertain if this is going to be sufficient to convince the politicians that global warming risk is real and something ought to be done. I certainly expect they accept this as a truth of reality and will come to their sanity. I expect all mankind’s do something and can come together.

Not every will remember when the international monetary catastrophe happened in 2008, what oil cost was. Back then, petroleum cost was in the reach of $60 per barrel. Subsequently in the following years, it crept up with the doubling of several household owners’ utility gasoline bill, much to the chagrin of they to the greatest degrees at $130 per barrel. Ultimately in 2014, the petroleum crisis occurred and it drop back to the pre-2008 degree. All along I believed that lower oil price would be great for typical guy like me when I read that such low price is really terrible for the international economy, but I was perplexed. At the conclusion of 2014, gasoline costs in several cities in the US had come down from its peak of $5 to less than $2. That’s the reason this year may seem like the one that US auto-owners will be remember the most for quite a long time to come.

There are still many events that happened in the year 2014 and have not been covered in my list. But if we see things with the same eye, the world will probably be such a dreary place to reside in. And depending upon your interests, you may see some occasions as more significant than I do.

bean bag sofa buying suggestions: The best way to choose the best bean bag for newbies

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Of all the various types of furniture, legume beag is probably one that is less commonly heard of. But possessing a bean bag can in fact open you up to a brand new sort of life style which is not like the typical lifestyle that most people often have. We often correlate furniture with all wood pieces with antique finishes, nearly infertile items that do not really lead to our lives in any significant way. While that’s true for most furniture, bean bag is probably the rare exception which could present you with both fun and functionality with small compromise and one that every member of the family will likely to adore. Here are a couple of wonderful ways to integrate bean bag chairs and a bean bag couch into your everyday life.



Pregnant ladies are among people who adore bean bag more than anyone else. The information of pregnancy is a welcome news but what would soon follow is months of uneasy journey that’s filled with many issues. There are not many considerations that unless you have been through it, you’d not understand its significance. Not everybody is aware that sleep position is extremely important for someone who’s pregnant which might cause such problems as persistent back pain. The additional that a girl is into the pregnancy interval, the more essential it is that she’s for herself the best chair that may fit in to the changing contour of her bodily body. Because of the flexibility of beanbag chairs, they are able to naturally adjust to the changing physique contour which indicates you can have just one furniture that can be utilized throughout.

Among the largest group of beanbag enthusiasts is one of the youngsters. Present any child with a bean bag sofa and you are able to see the epinephrine-like thrills as they leap into it. Lots of kids are actually the biggest influencer in regards to bean-bag purchase decision. The versatility with bean bag chairs enable youngsters to convert it in to various shapes as they like it. Children tend to get bored very easily and this feature of beanbag makes it the perfect furniture for children. Parents also love to let their children use a bean bag only because they will have less to worry about as the injury risk associated with bean bag is leaner.

Lots of people have problems with pain in the back and among the major cause is improper sitting position. As most folks often correlate bean bags with fun rather than ‘real’ furniture, perhaps not lots of people understand of the health benefit a great back can do to the health of your back. But repeatedly it is clinically proven that these goods and boost your position and the strength of your spine and core simply because it pushes one to do thus to hold yourself up.

The use-cases mentioned above are merely a small set of illustrations on how a bean-bag may be used. It is one such flexible and comfy sort of furniture and the limit is only your imagination. Increasingly frequent are bean beags that are easily made but these are not as great compared to ones that have been customized fully according to your own liking and preference. It is increasingly harder to locate bean bag makers who are willing to allow you to customize which is understood since any business plan that deals with personalization can not be mass produced. If you’re able to locate one, great for you as you have the liberty to pick everything from the shape, cloth material as well as pattern discovered on the fabric.

Simple guides to help you understand more pertaining to Worst Foods for Your Body

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In the past few years, the average waistline of most Americans has been increasingly growing at a rapid rate. According to numerous reports, the obesity rate in the United States is considered the greatest in the world. Even the First Lady herself Michelle Obama started plan Moves to grow the well-being knowledge on Americans. Thanks to aggressive drive by such initiatives, I am increasingly becoming a health freak. Nowadays, I consider various factors before picking foods to have. I get more scrupulous when choosing what my kids have. Let us look at the few foods which have made it to my blacklist. I am hoping that you simply stay clear of these foods as much as I’ve.

Other foods adored by many, and particularly kids, are biscuits and crackers. The high levels of sugar and salt in biscuits and crackers alone should be obvious to anyone to see that this is this kind of unhealthy food option. And to aggravate the problem even further, a large ball of crackers and the cookies accessible food stores do have considerable amounts of unhealthy trans fats. But some food manufacturers will utilize a trick to hide this from you. The USFDA requires a label attached to such foods to assert that they comprise below 0. 05 of fat for a single serving. Rather than a three cookie serving, the manufacturers reduce it to one which brings them below the enforcement, but in essence contain unhealthy degrees of fats. So, rather than using 3 biscuits for 1 portion, they use 1 cookies for 1 serving. This is an intelligent way of empowering themselves stay within the USFDA fat limit so they are able to attach the zero trans-fat label on the products.

Chips are another of the most tempting of bites. Yet, to get out of the conscious guilt, the traditional potato french fries are being slowly replaced by other types of chips such as apple chips. Common in supermarkets now are apple chips which are one way consumers try overcoming people’s feelings. Many consumers believe that eating apple chips is actually good for their health, merely due to the famous quote that alludes that an Apple a day keeps the physician away. This is some thing that is far from the reality. The chips sold today include big quantity of artificial ingredients and MSG to enhance their flavor.



Drinks for example 7-up and Coke are wonderful to quench your thirst. Yet, such soda pops can do great harm to our health. One of the significant reasons is these drinks most likely include high degree of fructose corn syrup that is used as sweetener. By this time, you’d most likely have heard of the negative health impacts caused by sugar because of the insulin spike. The high fructose corn syrup used is multiple times more lethal than sugar and it introduces a danger to our liver. If that doesn’t scare you enough, you should be aware of that drinking soda pop causes acidity within the body. It’s a major effect on your immune apparatus, and makes you prone to cancer when you are suffering from acidity.

In recent years, the term ‘fast food’ has been extremely popular around the world. However, you have to understand that fast food is quite a comprehensive class, and focuses on various food choices, ranging from McDonald’s to Pizza Hut. The greatest reason why fast food ought to be prevented is due to the sizeable presence of trans fat content. And this really is not the end of the list. Producers use lots of additives and preservatives to make sure fast food items taste better and last longer. Obesity and hormonal imbalance are the health problems which come with an excessive amount of eating of fast food. Thus, the following time your kid wishes to see with a major fast food chain, you must choose an alternative.

These were only some of the foods that may cause harm to your general health and fitness levels when it comes to unhealthy food options. There are several other food items which could cause harm to your health and fitness levels. Always remember to stay clear of processed foods as much as possible. You should be more careful the next time you select a food from the supermarket. Do not be readily taken by the marketing ploy the food manufacturers would like you to believe in. Most of the time, the most healthy are basic foods without labels such as those from the farm and homemade ingredient foods. For myself, I have set a set of straightforward rules for this reason. This rule is, if a food or bite tastes too great, I begin having question marks over what ingredients have made it have such a great taste.

Few things pertaining to Apple which will blow your imagination

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It was when Steve Jobs, among the most celebrated leader and innovator of our time, had passed away. The legacy that he’d assembled has not died down and this was illustrated by Apple’s rise to become the most valueable company on earth in 2014. After his departure, not much changed with the business and it continues with its close ways and techniques in the making of their products. Unless you are an Apple fanatic, there are lots of fascinating facts that you probably haven’t heard of. Let us have a peek at a few of the most fascinating facts of Apple Inc. You’ll also get a sneak peek into how popular Apple products such as the iPhone and iPod are made and be surprised at precisely how successful the business is in amounts.

Until the growth of Android, everybody knows that Microsoft is likely the biggest enemy of Apple. What the majority of people don’t realize is the $150 million investment that Bill Gates invested in Apple back in the year 1997. Should you trace back on the history of Apple, you will learn that it was the year when Apple was on the verge of insolvency and Steve Jobs made his recovery to the business that fired him. In the year 2003, Microsoft had completely sold off their shares at Apple but if they had not done thus, it would’ve been worth over $20 billion in 2014.

You may be shocked in the amount of iPhones sold each day. A staggering 40 million iPhones are sold every quarter. This implies that about only under 400,000 iPhones are sold. This number is more compared to the international childbirth rate. Simply for your knowledge, the present worldwide birth rate is approximately 300,000 per day. There seems to be no stopping to this tendency as the past report in 2014 says that around 500,000 new iPhone 5s are being built every day.

What makes Apple shops so intriguing are their exceptional layouts. It turns out that each Apple shop is a huge cash generating machine. When discussing when it comes to sales made per square foot, Tiffany & Co was a brand that always came out on top. In 2013, each Apple store reportedly produced twice as much sales compared to Tiffany & Co. and that record was shattered$6,050 worth of sales are made per square foot, while Tiffany & Co generates $3,017, if we were to put it in figures, that would mean in every Apple shop. It even come close or will be a while before these results are emulated by any other business.

Apple’s launch day is unlike any other launching day. No other company may also come close to what they’ve realized in the last few years. You’ll find thousands of Apple followers waiting on the day of their annual start of a brand new iPhone outside Apple stores, all waiting to be the first of many to purchase the latest iPhone on the industry. Buffs are willing to queue for hundreds of hours if that means of having to braze extreme cold. In 2014, the headline was made by a Japanese guy even before the product was declared by queueing for the iPhone 6.


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Apple might have lost its best creator but they nonetheless continue to amaze pundits and the critics by exceeding expectations. As as a brand and a company, they keep on shattering of what’s possible certainties. They keep on flying higher to areas where no human thought it is ever possible. With the untimely exit of Steve Jobs back in the year 2011, Tim Cook inherited enormous shoes to fill. Undoubtedly, he and his team have done so far, but only time will tell if he can carry on Apple’s enormous success and continue to bring in those large numbers. But we understand that nothing lasts for eternity. One thing is that Apple is a brand to keep an eye on for the next few years and several are already anticipating not or whether their new iWatch is going to allow it to be huge.

Truths you might not have heard about “Disruptive Innovation”

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Change is the only steady thing in this world- this is expressed by a world famous quotation. This is particularly true with regards to technology and how disruptive technologies are transforming how we live our own lives nowadays. I have collated a list of some, an entire one would be exhausting, of businesses and the technologies that I think has greatly impacted my life. The manner I do matters that were common has been significantly affected by the innovations. A number of them lead to higher productivity while a number of them make it possible for me to do things that was impossible previously. Let’s go through these unbelievable initiations and I am hoping you love reading the compilation.

To lots of people, sharing files over the Internet has always been a huge challenge. Email might not have any trouble managing few MBs of attachments these days but syncing files between multiple computers used to be a big concern for most of us. Afterward came Dropbox. It significantly impacted the functioning of small companies and how we organize our private files. Dropbox nearly removed the costs of storage for users entirely and revolutionized online storage for companies. Though firms such as google, Microsoft and Carton also have started supplying similar storage services, not one of them is everywhere close to being as easy to utilize as that offered by Dropbox.

Facebook was the sole website that truly cemented its position in our everyday lives and made social media a necessity for most, although social media has now existed for a long time. Facebook isn’t without its controversy but its influence is so huge that practically all of the World political leaders are including Facebook as a political medium. To many people, Facebook is simply astounding because it enables you to connect with a lot of your long-lost friends. As of late 2014, close to a billion people can be found on Facebook which makes Facebook’s user database the greatest in the world. I have consistently tried to fathom over that time when each and every individual in the planet becomes a part of Facebook.

Myself always try and catch up with the newest and the best technology to remain relevant, though I’m not really that understanding about it. Every day you’ll find a new technology or innovation created. I am sure the train of innovation won’t stop here. There are industries and businesses waiting to be revolutionized by technology. Whether there are any exciting technologies that you feel you need to share with us, or you have some comments to make about what I shared here, please feel at liberty to drop new ones below.


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Why discovering the Wireless Myths & Facts is a big deal to me

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The entire world is now a sophisticated spot, nearly every apparatus here may be connected wirelessly. The internet has taken over so many areas of our lives and now, virtually all gadgets and devices are created to be wireless. All the wirelessly inter connected devices are absolutely valuable to our lives and they definitely bring convenience to how we control the many tools we use every day. Wireless connectivity of devices have made it impossible to live without ‘s, but there are many myths and beliefs about these devices that I’d like help others decide what to believe and to look into, and what not to.

Should you go to any developed or developing nation in the planet, you’ll find Wi-Fi connections in most dwellings. Many believe that a Wi-Fi signal is unable to be affected by anything besides devices using the connection. But in fact, other household appliances like microwave ovens or the conventional DECT phone could badly impact Wi-Fi operation. So, next time your Wi Fi is not reliable or not working properly, confirm if it is not set too close to your DECT phone or the microwave.


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Recently, the 5. 8GHz has been added and increasing amount of Wi Fi-capable devices are supporting it. Many individuals make the false premise that 5. 8GHz is better than 2. 4GHz and it’s surely better than the 900MHz that was previously used for mobile phone transmisison. But while it’s technically incorrect, it really depends on your definition of better. The primary reason why the 5. 8GHz spectrum has been added is because the 2. 4GHz is becoming overcrowded and not because it better. You hear lots of people say their WiFi encounter got better when they switched their router to the 5. 8Ghz spectrum. The sole reason that is accurate is because there are gadgets and less people .

Some people call the end of our wired world is coming. Such thought makes lots of sense, with nearly every device becoming wirelessly able now. But I really don’t believe if you think about it deeper, it hit exactly right on the mark. For an example, consider the way the use of Bluetooth technology has made the wireless audio streaming possible. They still expect a cable to be recharged every now and then, though most of these devices have a rechargeable battery. There are plenty of hurdles that still has to be overcome for an entire removal of wires in our own lives to eventually become feasible. And therefore, I personally do not find such a replacement likely in the foreseeable future.

It is an undeniable truth that our very lives is now affecting. At the same time, it is very intriguing to understand how some of us have wireless technology that is completely misunderstood. Though I am not a wireless expert myself, I’ve only discussed about my personal opinion on the subject I find fascinating. My hope is that from this discussion that is easy, you’re definitely going to be able to distinguish myths and misconceptions from facts about wireless technology. I may be inappropriate in certain things, I am not an expert in wireless after all, so in case you have any remarks or questions please don’t hesitate to comment away.


Square Brain – Pursuing a Passion

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It’s a constant personal combat that always goes on within my head that if you do not have something for which you are totally obsessed with then you are missing out on matters that are intensely ardent and wild that you experienced. Before I ‘m attacked from all sides by people, who like to be rational and logical to be obsessed with anything in their lives. I would adore to inquire you one simple question. If you’re simply gliding through life, shoving from one meaningless quest to another, never having any rationale to leap out of bed, no one to sleep in for later than you should with, and nothing that gets your hair standing up on end, I consider such life a misery. Maybe I am at another extreme where I often discover myself obsessed over may things. I carry my passions on my sleeves. I think at the ending of this article you will additionally find out what your fire is.


Computer programming is one passion that I learned not too long ago. Occasionally, I mull over it and only if I ‘d unearthed this fire earlier in life, perhaps I ‘d have been capable to do so much more. Banking is the heritage of most of my family members and I can’t blame them if all they have exposed to me is nothing but the world of banking. Maybe it’s due to my contrarian believing but I really find talking about banking to be such a tedious subject. What I find more intriguing is truly discussing about computer programming instead of economics. Fueled by my passion, I believe it will only be a issue of time before I can proclaim myself as a programming expert but at this point of time, I’m not quite there yet.

I first learned that not everybody is taught to look both ways before they cross the street. It’s a fact that you could detect when making your manner down the Paris roads. Seeing children there who are mindlessly crossing the streets is a regular scene. What’s astounding is they consistently reach another side completely unscathed. After I asked one group of kids regarding why were they reckless and did not look on both sides before crossing the street and they simply gave me a blank stare and laughed out. This may be a shocking encounter, but what’s truly amazing is you could actually get other encounters such as this when you travel to different locations. Such experiences is the one thing that continue to augment my obsession with traveling. You see, once you step out of your own doorstep, you have no thought what you are going to find around the following bending. This is particularly true since if you are out traveling, you might be forced not to rely in your old habits and patterns (or even your language).


I believe every single 1 of us is born with passion. Some folks refer to it as fixation while some others refer to it as gift. In my experience, it is not significant what you refer to it as and what is more significant is whether you’ve found them. Once you determine to pursue your deepest passion and recognize yourself like never before, you will see your life has changed drastically as if it is being painted by various shades which is vivacious, brighter and full of life, energy and positivity. You’ll live your own life and you may become yourself when you uncover your obsessions.