Let’s Go Outside

I know you love your home, you like spending all day at home in your comfort. But did you know that exploring the outside world broaden up your standpoint? Have you ever been amazed by the beauty of nature? If you don’t try to reach out and feel the wonders around outside your home, you’ll regret those wonderful moments.

I was so lucky to live in a country having four seasons a year. I have the chance to see frogs hopping on spring season. Enjoy the waves and beaches on summer. Serenity of the mountains covered with colorful autumn leaves. And play with the snowman on winter days.

Probably in any event there is always a pleasure. I have set goals each season for my health, my family and my friends. Goals that will give amusements and comfort for all. Because I want to share with them how great is our nature.

Mostly my family spent nights at the peak of the mountain just to watch out the stars shining brightly only on summer days. Autumn is also loved, because the weather is not too cold and not too hot to watch autumn leaves fall. Foods on winter days are also tasty. This is the season I easily gain weight, the result is an everyday exercise. And the best season that I really enjoy is the spring season. This is where I can see all flowers in blooms. I see the sun and can go outside in a very comfortable feeling.

No matter what season you have, best to see, feel and touch the nature around you. It can only be seen once, grab the chance because nature change fast.

There are tons of place to enjoy and relax. If you have the time (and budget), you could also travel out of state or to other countries. Your choice is so limitless. It’s my goal this year to explore all the places with the best autumn colors.

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