Must Have in Your Kitchen!

I often wonder whether other people consider microwave oven to be the must have home appliance. How important it is in our daily life? How well it saves you efforts conveniently?

Home appliances are important in every family with or without kids. There are many appliances we need to list down to fully satisfy our cooking needs. But some appliances can be neglected at the very first time you start completing your kitchen needs.

For me, microwave ovens are one of the most important thing I should have in the kitchen next to refrigerator. Here’s  why:

Microwave oven can save electricity as it cooks more evenly and faster than conventional oven. If you must use a normal oven, you can consider getting a combo one (microwave+normal oven). If you do, get the one with the convection feature (with fan to even out the heat). Faster cooking means that you can use your time for something else! If you are looking to buy one, check out this complete comparison of which microwave oven to buy.

Foods are healthier and tastier. Foods that are cooked in the oven uses less oils that reduces fats and cholesterol consumption. If you steam the vegetables in the oven, possible use of water is less. Unlike steaming the vegetables in a skillet, you consume more water that will run into the vegetables. Chances are the taste has changed and it’s watery.

For fast reheating of left over foods and frozen foods a microwave oven is a big help.

Occasionally, we love to bake cakes, cookies or even roast a whole chicken for gifts and parties. Having a microwave oven helps you to show your talent and creativity in cooking. I almost always serve a homemade cakes and cookies on parties. And even baked one for gifts. Some, like this one, is very easy to make and only takes 5 minutes!

If I were to choose which one should be bought first between microwave oven and laundry machine, I would rather have a microwave oven instead. Dirty clothes can be done in the laundromat. Cooking cannot be done easily with only having a gas stove.

Therefore, to me a microwave oven is important to effectively accomplish any cooking. It is convenient in any ways.

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